Gaming Chairs

Whether you love to play games at the PC, are stuck in the office or just at a desk all day it is important to be as comfortable as possible. Not only is this good for comfort but poor posture from sitting at a desk all day can lead to neck, shoulder or back pain. At first a gaming chair might just look like a cool office chair...but they are much more than that. With a slick design similar to that of a car bucket seat they are super comfortable. Our range of gaming chairs have large backrests with a healthy curve for your spine as well as nice and high arm rests.

Our gaming chairs are in the racing style and are a bucket seat design. This makes them super comfortable. Our chairs are also adjustable so you can adjust the height and tilt of the chairs as well as being on wheels so you can roll around the room if you feel the need. The chairs are also able to recline so even if you are finished work you can sit back (literally) and watch TV or your computer monitor in comfort.