Electric Scooter Buyers Guide

So you have decided that you want to save a fortune on transport costs, save the environment and have a new fun way to travel around town. So what is the best electric scooter for adults or really should we say which is the right electric scooter for you. Here at the escooterireland.ie we have kept our range to a small selection of the best electric scooters. We have done this through market research and by finding out which electric scooters are the best in their respective price ranges.

So lets take a look at the differences between the electric scooters we have on sale. All of our electric scooters are premium quality. We do not stock the cheapest of the cheap as there are too many issues with the build quality and the batteries are no good. That said high quality doesn’t always mean expensive prices and there are some premium brands that are great value so let’s take a look and compare the best of the best in each price range:

Our most popular best electric scooters are the Kugoo S1 electric scooter and the Xiaomi M365 electric scooters. These two scooters are very similar in spec  but with the Kugoo S1 being €100 cheaper! It has the same range as the most expensive scooters on the market and it also comes with a 6 month battery warranty as well as being lighter than all other models at just 10kg. On top of this it has 3 adjustable heights which none of the other options have!

It is safe to say that this is a bargain at the price we sell it which is the cheapest you will find anywhere in Europe! So why is it cheaper? Well Kugoo are still and up and coming brand and they are aggressively pursuing the electric scooter market. Their customer service support is excellent and that makes our job much easier. As well as this they are able to undercut larger, more well known brands like Xiaomi and Segway which are of course premium brands. These well known brands do tend to be a bit more expensive but they have a great reputation and they are all very high quality electric scooters.

What to look for when shopping for an electric scooter?

All of our electric scooters have an easy fold system so they can be folded up and put in the car, brought on the bus or even carried around for the remainder of your journey. The main things to look for when shopping for an electric scooter is the distance it can travel on a full charge, the max speed and the weight of the scooter. Here is a breakdown of the most popular models so you can decide which one is the best fit for your budget and needs:

Max.Speed(kms) 25 25  20
Max.Distance(kms) 25  28 20
Battery(Wh) 280 350 250
Voltage(V) 42 36 36
Net Weight(lbs) 26.9 24 31
Charging.Time(hrs) 4.5 3.5 4-5
Power(nominal) 250 350 300
Power(peak) 500 700 800
Max.Angle 14 15 15
Brakes Electrical + Disc brake Electric Electrical + Mechanical
Braking distance(12.4 mph) 4 meters 4 meters 4 meters
Shock absorbtion N/A Front + Rear Front + Rear
Front Tire(inch) 8.5 8.5 8
Rear Tire(inch) 8.5 8.5 7.5
Max.Weight(lbs) 220 220 220
App/Bluetooth Yes NA Yes
LED Screen LED Battery indicator Speed + Battery indicator + Distance Speed + Battery indicator
Visibility Headlight + Rearlight Headlight + Rearlight Headlight + Rearlight
Dimension(LxWxH) Unfolded: 108 x 43 x 114 cm
Folded: 108 x 43 x 49 cm
Unfolded: 102 x 43 x 113 cm
Folded: 113 x 43 x 40 cm
Unfolded: 102 x 43 x 113 cm
Folded: 113 x 43 x 40 cm
Water Resistance(IP) 54 54 54
Rec.Age(years) 14-60 14-60 14-60
Rec.Height(cm) 120-200 120-200 120-200
Working temperature(Degrees) -10…+43 -10…+40 -10…+40