Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Sick of having to hoover your house to keep it neat and tidy? Robot vacuum cleaners take the hassle out of cleaning your house. All you have to do is simply turn on the vacuum cleaner and it will do all of the work for you! Robot vacuum cleaners first came on the scene almost 20 years ago and the original models were nothing to write home about not to mention that they were ridiculously expensive so priced themselves out of the market.

Today we offer a range of high quality vacuum cleaners that do an amazing job and are affordable as well. Our vacuum cleaners take a 3D model of the rooms of your house and begin vacuuming the house on their own. Not only do our models of robot hoovers vacuum but they will also clean and mop the floor for your as well! 

The laser sensor of the robot hoover scans the room and creates a map so it will not miss any part of the room. Objects are also not an issue for the latest models of robot vacuum and they easily move around any object whilst continuing to clean the room. The vacuum can also get over obstacles such as heightened flooring without any issue.

Our models also come with an app that you can download on to your smart phone. With this app you can manually control the vacuum if you so wish and you can also view the vacuum plan it has created of each room. As well as this you can also schedule your vacuum to begin at certain times so you don't even need to be in the house to have your vacuuming begin. You can also view the progress of each clean in real time. With all of these features you will never be burdened with the pain of vacuuming your house again! Check out our range of high quality robot vacuums and remember that they come with a 3 year warranty period for your peace of mind.