Gaming Chairs



Whether you are stuck at your desk in the office all day or you love to play games for hours on end having a comfortable chair is important. Not only does it mean you can enjoy your games more or be more productive in work but it is vital to your long term health. If you are spending hours per day with bad posture due to sitting on a normal chair with no back or arm support or even worse slouched on the couch for a few hours at a time you are bound to run into some health issues down the road. A gaming chair is designed to not only be super comfortable but to provide support to your back, neck and shoulders via ergonomic design.

Many avid gamers spend a small fortune on their gaming set up whilst forgetting to look after the most important thing when gaming...their own health! We have gaming chairs available from just €99.00 that will give you full back, neck and shoulder support whilst being amazingly comfortable. You only get one body so it is important to look after it! Our gaming chairs are also height adjustable and this is important as it is bad for your neck if you are at a bad angle looking at the screen for extended periods of time. The cause of many issues can be traced back to spending years in bad positions at a desk. By making sure you have a perfectly comfortable chair you are investing in your health whilst having a better experience be it at work or in the comfort of your own home. 

Our gaming chairs are in the racing style and are an ergonomic design providing support to your lumbar, arms and shoulders. This makes them super comfortable. Our chairs are also adjustable so you can adjust the height and tilt of the chairs as well as being on wheels so you can roll around the room if you feel the need. The chairs are also able to recline so even if you are finished work you can sit back (literally) and watch TV or your computer monitor in comfort.