Dash Cam

Are you looking to protect your car and your passengers from any potential incidents on the road or in car parks? Dash cams also called car cameras have become massively popular in the last few years as it is gives people the opportunity to not only record their journeys but to have a 24/7 security camera in their car to protect from any incident. 

One of the biggest stresses when there is an incident on the road is that the other party involved may leave the scene or even try to turn the blame on you. With a dash camera you will have evidence of the incident even if there are no witnesses to back your claim. Our HD and 4K dash cams are such good quality that they will record number plates and road signs so you can help pin point exactly where the incident happened and who was involved.

Insurance companies in Ireland are now encouraging people to use dash cameras in their car and some companies even giving €50 off the premium if you can prove you have a dash cam. Not only do dash cams protect you from any incidents on the road but our dash cams provide a 24/7 camera on your car. There are many incidents every day of people having their cars marked in supermarket car parks and other busy areas with no accountability. With one of our cameras you will now have surveillance on your car at all times. 

Having evidence of any potential accident can also mean that you save your no claims bonus. This can save you thousands of euro on your premium if you can show evidence that you were not in the wrong. 

If you are a taxi driver having a dash cam is a no brainer. Many taxi drivers wisely choose to place cameras inside their cars to record their passengers in case of any potential incidents during a fare.

We have a range of dash cams as well as front and rear dash cameras that high definition 1080P technology and some of the cameras are even 4K (4 times HD). All of our cameras come with a 1 year warranty for your piece of mind.