Our Top 3 Electric Hoverboard Scooters

Lately, the economy is on everybody's mind. Sure, gas has gone down considerably, but we have no guarantee that it will stay down and rather have indication that it will likely go back up. The environment is another valid concern; every day, it becomes more and more polluted and we give up a little more of our clean air for the sake of convenience. It's easy to become overwhelmed by this situation, however, there is a way that you can do a little to fight back: trade in the car for a wallet-friendly and environmentally friendly electric scooter. This article will highlight the five most economical and nature-healthy scooters.


The Ninebot clectric hoverboard is a must-have for the commuter that has to use the interstate to get to work. This board has a max speed of 60 mph and the capability to get from zero to fifty in less than seven seconds, it easily leaves the other scooters far behind. Driving at a modest speed of 25mph, it can go for up to 68 miles before you have the recharge. All this get-up-and-go is created by a 125-volt NiMH, or Nickel Metal Hydride, battery. 

The next scooter can go up to 93 miles at a time, and can recharge to 80% in no more than an hour and a half. The Ninebot Electric Scooter, originating in Germany, is powered by the electric motor in the rear wheel. A few different models are available, and you can check them out on our scooter page. So far, the closest dealership is in Portugal, but one is rumored to be opening in the US soon. Keep an eye on the website for updates.

The Z-20 Electric Scooter is very affordable, at only €2,499, but is pretty average in other areas. It can go up to 45mph, for a range of 30-45 miles, so it does pretty well for short commutes or running errands. This scooter is powered by a 60-volt hub motor that's packed with 2500 watts. 

For €3,495, ZAP's Zapino Electric Scooter can get up to 30mph and go either 65 miles on its lithium-ion battery or 30 miles on the basic battery. The hub motor has 3,000 watts and is said to be extraordinarily efficient. 

The last scooter is the cheapest and most basic, but is absolutely perfect for the college student or adult interested in preserving the environment and taking an amiable cruise around town. IKOO's electric scooter only costs €1,199, and is made in a simple, elegant design of surgical stainless steel alloy. Its electric motor only has 600 watts and achieves a maximum speed of 18 mph, for 15-18 miles. You can view our full range here.  

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