Is It Legal To Ride Electric Scooters in Ireland?

This is the question that we get asked most when it comes to electric scooters. The short answer is that the laws here in Ireland are yet to catch up with the technology. Simple put the law in Ireland is out of date when it comes to electric scooters however that is all about to change. Firstly it is important to understand what is an electric scooter as this tells us what part of the law in Ireland it falls under. 

What is an electric scooter?

An electric scooter is a small piece of transportation technology usually with 2 wheels that is self propelled by an electric lithium battery. This means that it can propel itself without the rider having to push. This might sound obvious but it is this part of the scooter that means it has a different law around it. So now that we know exactly what it is we have to find out what law it falls under here in Ireland.

What does the law say about self propelled vehicles in Ireland?

Regardless of what type of vehicle it is and whether it is powered by a petrol engine or electric power it is still considered a mechanically propelled vehicle. Under the traffic law then the same rules apply to an electric scooter that does to a car or any other mode of motorised transportation. Therefore it must be taxed and you must have insurance to use it on the road. You must also wear a helmet as per the law. The law is not like this for electric scooters but merely this is just an old law that has not yet been updated.

However! This is all about to change..

electric scooter law

Ministers are now talking about changing that law and leading the way is TD Noel Rock who himself uses an electric scooter to get to work. Noel Rock recognizes the potential in this as it will take a huge amount of pressure off our road network and also cut down on the carbon foot print. It will also save people a huge amount of money on transportation or public transport costs.

 Minister Noel Rock is now pushing for a change in legislation that will deal specifically with electric scooters. The future is definitely bright for the scooters and we will be keeping a close eye on this for our customers!











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