How to tell if your hoverboard is a fire hazard

When hoverboards first burst on to the scene in 2015 no one expected them to be in such huge demand. There were many reasons for their huge growth in popularity including them going viral on Youtube from many famous Youtubers and even artists like Justin Bieber. Because of this all of a sudden there was a huge demand for these hoverboards and Christmas in 2015 saw them being one of the most popular gifts on the market. But hoverboards made headlines for other not so positive reasons too.

safe hoverboard

Reports began to pop up of hoverboards catching fire, with some reports of houses being burnt down due to an over heating battery in a hoverboard. This became a huge concern and many countries temporarily banned the import of hoverboards amid these reports. Here in Ireland over 2,000 hoverboards were stopped from coming into the country. Companies like Amazon also pulled them from their product lines until they figured out what was going on with these products.

It became apparent that in the rush to make the Christmas sales proper testing was not done on these batteries. This combined with bad design as the battery was placed directly beside the motherboard which is a big no no! This was a disaster for many retailers and suppliers alike but safety must come first.

Since then some suppliers (like us!) only sell hoverboards with original Samsung batteries. These batteries are of course safe, certified and made by Samsung so are much superior to the cheap Chinese batteries that are still being sold today.

According to the there are several things to look for when buying a hoverboard. We have gone a step further however and not only do we recommend following the guidelines above but we only recommend buying a hoverboard with a Samsung battery. It is the only way to be 100% sure that your board is safe. With that said here are the things we look out for in looking for a safe hoverboard:

  • A CE certification mark on the plug.
  • A UL certification on the plug.
  • A proper UK plug and not a converted EU/Chinese Plug.
  • Only buy from a reputable supplier (like us!)
  • Only buy an OEM battery hoverboard

So keep this in mind when shopping for a hoverboard. Or to be extra safe just shop with us here as we have done all the checks for you!






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