Do you need a license for electric scooters?

With gas prices fluctuating unpredictably, you might have decided by now that an electric scooter is for you... but you don't want to pay top dollar for a subpar scooter.But do you need a license for electric scooters? As of now in Ireland yes you need license and insurance. However they are talking about changing this law soon to enable more people to use electric scooters so it is only a matter of time before this old law is changed.

Please keep in mind that while looking for the scooter to suit your needs, make sure you take into account the engine power you need, as well as range, sound and aesthetic considerations.
Without further ado, here's a quick review of some of the best affordable scooters out on the market right now:

Razor E100

Priced at a mere €150, this sleek scooter has a max speed of 10mph and holds 30 minutes of charge. The ultraquiet engine and smooth ride makes it an especially great choice for kids.

Razor E125

More for the preteen size, the E125 boasts the same max speed and charge, except with an easier kickstart allows for a quicker acceleration. Priced around €150.

Razor E200

A bit bigger than the other two models with a maximum speed of 12mph and 45 minutes of use per charge. It boasts of a smooth ride and a comfortably large deck for standing. Great for teens at €250.

Razor E300

The biggest of the Razor series, with a maximum speed of 15mph and extra wide wheels for more rugged possibilities. It offers around 45 minutes of charge. Priced at €190.

Electric X-140

Quiet, capable of 6-8 miles per charge-and a build that just will not break, made of high tension steel and aluminum. It also folds tidily away, making it great for both taking aboard public transportation and out and about on public roads. Priced around €180.

Ending Notes

If none of these adult electric scooters seem quite right to you, then feel free to do more research: the world of scooters is a big one. However, be careful. Cheap prices may unfortunately mean in some circumstances cheap construction, and while on the road scooters are especially vulnerable. Do your research, and test out the scooter in safe conditions before going out on the road. And always practice safe driving!

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