Best Electric Scooters Under €300

Many consumers are looking to downsize in the wake of our current economy. One smart tactic that they are doing is limiting the amount of time that they use their automobile and replacing it with time spent on a scooter. An electric scooter is an excellent mode of transportation if you plan on traveling short distances. Whether you are just trying to get across campus or need to head to your local gym they can get you there and save your money at they same time. If you are planning on purchasing an electric scooter, but don't have the means to purchase an expensive one or just want one that is small, you should check out these top models that are all under €300. Note this does not include out hoverboards for sale as they are not really for commuting. 

Pocket Mod Vapor Electric Scooter - €198.99
This pint sized scooter isn't for everyone, but is great for persons weighing under 175 pounds. It can reach speeds of 15 mph and can travel 10 miles on one charge. This scooter also has variable throttle speed control, a hand lever rear break, and a center mount kick stand. Just plug it in to any standard outlet and 8 hours later you can enjoy 40 minutes of uninterrupted riding time. 

Razor E300 Electric Scooter - €199
The company that produced the popular kids scooter has come out with an electric scooter. The Razor electric scooter is the style that will have you standing as you ride along at up to 15 mph. There is a weight limit of 220 pounds. Charge time is 8 hours and ride time is 4 hours. This scooter is recommended for riders 12 and up, and as with any scooter make sure you wear a helmet.

X-250 Aluminum Electric Scooter - €190
The Aluminum Electric Scooter is similar to the Razor scooter, but is equipped with a seat so riders won't have to stand for the duration of their travel. The X-250 is available in pink, red, and blue, has a 250 watt electric motor, has approximately 24 volts of power. It tops out at 15 mph and can go for 10 miles on one charge. 


I-Zip I-500 Electric Scooter - €284.99
This electric scooter is similar to the X-250, except that it contains a 500 watt motor. It has a carrying capacity of up to 260 pounds, can reach speeds of up to 15 miles, and can travel 8-10 miles on one charge. It has a steel frame, 12" tires, and weighs only 55 pounds. Unlike the other electric scooters, the I-Zip has a battery gauge indicator so you will now when your power is getting low. 

E-Zip 500 Electric Scooter - €299.99
Coming in at just a cent under €300 is the 500 watt 24 volt E-Zip electric scooter. Riders can expect to reach speeds of 15 mph and travel almost 8 miles on each charge. This scooter features a steel frame, seat, battery gauge, and variable speed power.  For those of you who just want a hoverboard for fun then check out our hoverboards for sale section. 

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